Principles in Publishing

Until recently, society was broken into four estates. The first two estates were the clergy and the rulers. The third estate refers to the general masses or the common folk. The “Fourth Estate” arose after the French Revolution when William Hazlitt coined the term to refer to journalists, who were tasked with reporting on the rulers and clergy in an attempt to hold them responsible for their actions. This estate has failed as the mainstream media has chosen to push their agenda and attempt to create public opinion instead of reporting the facts. The Fifth Estate emerged with resounding power as millions of people took to the web and  social-media to document and report events that rulers, clergy, and the main-stream media have tried to hide. Whether it is in ancient texts rejected by the church, history lost to time, or hidden agendas of governments or religious institutions, understanding the truth makes for a prepared and informed people and a stronger republic. Fifth Estate specializes in rendering ancient texts into modern English so that the wisdom and secrets of the past are no longer kept in the hands of the few but are made avialable to all. We publish ancient texts in modern English so that knowledge is never lost to today's reader. 


Company Founder

Joseph Lumpkin